Heatstroke Hoedown pinstripe party!

  Picture taken by Sarasota Herald Tribune

My guitar got tattoo'd at the Heatstroke Hoedown concert right after our set.  David Lee can be seen hand painting the pickguard and the body.  It looks KILLER ! Call him..941-284-3977 for your hotrod, boat, or anything else that needs to be COOOOL.



P-Mans CYCLE SHOP and WSLR 96.5 Presents the 8th annual Heatstroke !!  We are talking BANDS, BOOZE, TATTOO's, HOT RODS !  VINTAGE CYCLES ! KOOL VENDERS !  ROLLER DERBY GIRLS !

We go on at 12:30 for one set and then we will hang for the day and check out the fine acts to follow!

BAND will perform live on 96.5 WSLR Hot Rod Rock

SVEN and TED 2010

Monday, March 14, 3-5 pm,  www.wslr.org

Tune in to Sven and Stella's rockabilly, surf, atomic, far out, retro roots show !  The big mystery of the BIG KAHUNA will be revealed!   Find out what makes our Hauling the Freight Drummer Joe Hendricks one of the finest players and reporters in the Solar System!  BIG CONCERT NEWS will be announced !!  NEW SONGS will be played !!!  CD's WILL be given away !!!

You tip....WE give you a CD !

We played the Back Alley on January 21st,  great crowd,  people dancing and kicking up dirt (outside gig) and it got crazy fun !  Anyway we APPRECIATE our fans, friends and followers and decided that when someone tips the band we are gonna pay it back......

So if you throw us a tip,  you get a FREE download card for my latest CD " Exit Zero" which can be downloaded at CD Baby! ($10.00 Dollar Value!!!) AND its a sticker to boot so your getting a cool little gift and we thank you for supporting us out in the scene!!!

Of course we have Cd's , and new stickers and shirts are in the works too!



Got to thank Dawn Scire for giving us a nice write up in the HERALD TRIBUNE.  Dawn writes about local bands that are ORIGINAL and we appreciate it!!

HERALD TICKET section is EVERY THURSDAY ,  get you local listings, read about bands (like mine!) and get hip to all arts and entertainment around Sarasota!



Will be on 96.5 WSLR "THE ROCK SHOW" DEC 13th Monday 10pm

MONDAY NIGHT December 13 at 10 pm tune in to THE ROCK SHOW on 96.5 WSLR Sarasota FL.

I am gonna be in the studio hanging with Frank V and his gang!  Tune in OR VIEW IT ONLINE !!!

Frank always has cool stuff going on with his crew and it will be fun!

Check out these links and see what I am talking about.....





NEW CD's and Download Cards AVAILABLE NOW

Happy Holidays folks,   my latest cd "Exit Zero" has just been re-ordered and I am also adding Download cards to the merch table.  Stickers and T shirts are gonna be ordered shortly and they will be priced to sell!

Thanks for the support,  its nice to have to re-order CD's....Always a good thing!


Hohoho from Mongo, Big Kahuna and me!



It's not the cover of the Rolling Stone but I will take it ! Happily!  We played the 96.5 WSLR Beach Bash on Siesta Key Beach on rocked out!  Great turnout,  perfect weather,  great people!

Playing the WSLR 96.5 BEACH BASH OCT. 2nd !

This is gonna be fun !  3 bands, food, bikini's,surf, games,  DJ Sven (Hot Rod Rock) and DJ Frank ( The Rock Show) , food, all happening on the BEST beach in America,  Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota FL !

We go on at 5pm sharp,  bands start at 3! 



Guest DJ on WSLR 96.5 Sarasota HOT ROD ROCK !

WOW !! Thanks Sven and Stella for letting me spin the tunes from 3-5 on Monday for Hot Rod Rock!

All I can say is it is not easy to sit behind the console,  spin tunes, talk to the people, pick up phones, give public service announcements and every other thing you can imagine!  I felt like I was flying a 747 jet without lessons or a landing strip!

Big time fun ,  I will keep ya posted on future WSLR events !



Check out Jennifer Hollowell's ND HOUR Radio show on Mondays at 11am,  she plays insane alt-country and rock and roll!

Heres a show from yesterday,  stream it on the web if ya cant tune it in !




Tune in online or in your ride to Tampa Florida's WMNF 88.5.  A GIANT community station that plays more roots rock, americana, blues, and all music that is cool than anyone!

Their little sister station,  96.5 WSLR Sarasota Florida is just as awesome!  Tune in to Sven and Stella every Monday at 3pm for HOT ROD ROCK RADIO !

88.5 WMNF TAMPA....Thanks to Jennifer for playing us on her ND hour alt-country show and to The REBEL and the Commuter from HELL for playing us Friday afternoons on the SONIC DETOUR!



Featured on The Gospel according to the Barstool Preacher Show !!

Check out the www.subculturecollective.com !! Tons of Rockabilly, Hot Rod, Pyschobilly, Tattoo's and all things related !! Todd has a bad ass podshow, Gospel According to the Barstool Preacher, press play and enjoy ! Number 68 features "16 Missed Calls" and "Las Vegas Sun"


Featured Artist on Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag Podcast!

Check it out !!! Michael Angel is a huge supporter on indie bands, go subscribe and download, you will find some cool bands to add to your collection !

Check out Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag Podshow


Check out this edition,  Michael Angel is very cool,  he is the first podcaster that played our new CD back in the winter!  Support him !  Song played is "This Girls Like Kryptonite".  Written wayyyyyy before podcasts and even the internet...

LIVE INTERVIEW on Hot Rod Rock Radio 96.5 WSLR

I want to thank Sven and Stella at 96.5 WSLR Sarasota FL for playing my music and the very cool airtime on their program.  HOT ROD ROCK is an AMAZING Radio show airing 3-5 every Monday.....http://wslr.org/

They play insane Roots Rock, Rockabilly, Surf and basically will blow your mind with the cool tunes they unleash!

We gave away a couple of my new "Exit Zero" Cd's to listeners,  talked about music and played 4 cuts from the album!

Thanks WSLR !!!


Exit Zero CD available thru CD Baby !
Ted Stevens: Exit Zero

CD is available online or get one at one of my shows !!


Exit Zero is available for sale HERE (click STORE) for 10.00 plus 2.95 shipping.  PURCHASE IT NOW or buy one at one of my shows in MAY.  2 CD RELEASE PARTYS ARE SCHEDULED IN RI.  MAY 21 Friday OAK HILL TAVERN (North Kingstown)  and MAY 28 Friday  MARKS BIG RIVER INN (West Greenwhich).

See you on the road !

24 bands in 9 months....Many in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame!

2009-2010 was a record breaker for me,  I played with more bands in 9 months that I have in years....24 as far as I can remember and many in the Rock and Roll HALL OF FAME !!!

Terry Sylvester ( Singer from THE HOLLIES ), Ian Mitchell ( Singer from BAY CITY ROLLERS) Jay and the TECHNIQUES, Richard Streets TEMPTATIONS, Cornell Gunter COASTERS, THE PLATTERS, Charlie Thomas' DRIFTERS, THE MARVELETTES, Jay Siegal and THE TOKENS, Ron Dante ( Singer from THE ARCHIES ), The TOYS, The COOKIES, Amanda Nikka, Barbera Harris, The Reminiscants, OFF Broadway MUSICAL " FAME!!!" , Lois Greco Band, Elder Blue, Outback Brooky B, Kim Rocker, The Subsonics, Early Clover.....

Check out Indie Music Sampler radio and podshow

Paul from the INDIE MUSIC SAMPLER is a DJ out of Hillsborough Oregon who has a nice website,  24x7 radio station and a weekly podcast thats been running since 06.  PODSHOW #171 features "Aint got You".....GO VISIT and support him...and us !!! Great indie music supporter....



TALES OF A PERCUSSIONIST podshow features "Wasting Time"

Check it out, Scoot from up in cold Canada (if I remember correctly) is a podcaster that sniffed out our tune "Wasting Time" for his Jan 29th Dancin on a  Podsafe Friday broadcast.


Music Alley



NIGHT DIARY podcast...From Russia playing "16 missed calls"

I wish I could tell you what Igor Mercury is saying in this nightly podcast,  but I can't....I can tell you it's about a 10 minute podcast and we are the only song played on this issue of Night Diary from January 31st.  Whats cooler than the internet!  We are officially worldwide....cooool.



DALECAST...COOL UK podshow playing "Aint Got You"

DALECAST is a great podcast produced in the U.K....LOTS of cool bands from all over the world,  go download #681 which features one of our older tunes,  "Ain't Got You".  Download ALL the podcasts you can,   it's a great way to listen to new music for an hour or so when your at the computer, driving,  or running the park with your Ipod.




Check it out now !!.... Listen and go build a radiostation at LASTFM.COM

Lastfm.com is one of the best online radio stations,  plug in bands you like and they build a playlist based on the music YOU like.  Perfect when your at home working.  Another great way to get away from the garbage we get on the "normal" airwaves.


Type in Ted Stevens or Ted Stevens Band,  you should find us in there.....Enjoy!

"Alison Eastwood" featured on SUNDOWN LOUNGE PODCAST

Check out Larry Winfields very hip podshow,  SUNDOWN LOUNGE.  Based out of L.A.,  Larry has a unique show and plays a diverse bunch of great music,  plus great news and insite,  I know you will enjoy it!  We are featured on EPISODE 198.