"They blew the sand off the beach when they played!"  Sven Frackleton HOT ROD ROCK RADIO

Ted Stevens carves down a fast highway creating music that combines rockabilly, roots rock and surf with a reverb drenched guitar and a twangy vocal line...

The Doo-Shots delivers a hard driving, instantly danceable blend of home grown rockabilly with tunes by rock pioneers like Johnny Cash, Elvis and Buddy Holly, to name a few!  

Ted Stevens and the Doo-Shots play over 150 shows per year, 2017 promises to be the biggest year yet for the band! They are releasing a new album with 16 tunes including some favorite covers !  


"Donning suits, classic guitar, and a stand up bass, Ted Stevens and the Doo-Shots looked exactly how they sounded – Rocked-out rockabilly. Frontman and guitarist Ted Stevens’ enthralling performance, his guitar playing mean and smooth at the same time and his vocals on point with the classic rockers of yesteryear. And the word “style” should always be next to bassist Butch Alan’s name as he played with enough style for everyone and their mother. And to top it all off his shirt collar matched the leopard print designs on his I said style! And drummer Smokin’ Joe Hendricks looked like he was having the most fun of all. Playing behind your prototypical drumset for half of the evening, he was beckoned by Ted to come down from his full ensemble drumfort and play with only a single snare drum. There he stood alongside Ted and Butch rapping on that snare with the exuberance of a young child that just got his first drumset for Christmas. At one point he even started playing on an old sand filled drum that was being used as an ashtray. The joy of not taking yourself too seriously was evident and it created such a cool atmosphere. "  Chris Rodriguez Libro Musica 3/7/16


Stevens has honed his energetic and entertaining show by playing guitar and singing   with some of the BIGGEST names in Rock and Roll...Legendary names like The Temptations, Percy Sledge, The Drifters, Platters, Coasters and DOZENS other pop, blues, soul and rock and roll artists.                   

This larger than life trio features the one and only Smokin' Joe Hendricks who makes sure everyone in the audience is having fun and being involved in the show!  On the standup bass is "Upright" Butch Alan who has people lining up for pictures of him and his big bass every night !


Ted Stevens has proven the lust for roots rock is alive and well ! 

"Beers will spill, dancers will unite, tales will be told..."  Ted Stevens